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Aug 5, 2010

In this episode of the Medieval Archives podcast we discuss Edward of Woodstock. Prince Edward, 'The Black Prince" was the oldest son of King Edward III. He proved to be an exceptional military leader during the Hundred Years War. We discuss his personal life, his outstanding military career and the major campaigns he fought. We will also look at his influence in popular culture since his death. You can listen to the episode below. Or download the MP3 and listen to it on your favorite MP3 player. Subscribe to the feed so you do not miss a single episode. Items discussed: Military Campaigns: Battle of Crecy - 1346 Battle of Poitiers - 1356 Battle of Najera - 1367 Pop Culture Plays: Shakespeare; Henry V George Bernard Shaw; St. Joan Roger Boyle; The Black Prince Books: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; The White Company and Sir Nigel Karen Harper; The First Princess of Wales Gordon Dickson; The Dragon Knight and The Dragon and the Fair Maiden of Kent Ken Follett; World Without End Bernard Cornwell; The Archer's Tale Movies: Dark Avengers - 1955 A Knight's Tale - 2001 Games: BladeStrom: The Hundreds Years War Empire Earth Medieval: Total War Age of Empires II The music was provided by Tim Rayburn. It is available at Use the icons below to download the .mp3 audio file, subscribe directly to iTunes or subscribe to the RSS feed.