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Oct 14, 2015

During the first phase of the Hundred Years War a smaller war broke out in France, the Breton War of Succession. Wars of Succession always start the same way, a Nobleman dies without an heir. In this case it was the Duke of Brittany, John the Good, who died childless in 1341. Two men stepped up to claim the duchy and the Civil War raged for 23 years. But in the midst of it all a combat was held that's remembered for the Chivalry and Honor that was displayed by both sides. On 26 March 1351 60 knights met on the battlefield to test their mettle in a friendly competition. Today on the Medieval Archives Podcast we discuss the Combat of the Thirty a medieval battle that pitted knight against knight in a test of skill. The Combat lasted all day and in the end every man, all 60 were either wounded or in some cases dead. Enjoy this lesson on the Combat of the Thirty! Please send any comments, suggestions or topic ideas to If you are enjoying the podcast please considering leaving a rating on iTunes. Rate the Medieval Archives Podcast now! Listen to the episode now In this episode we discuss: Breton War of Succession John of Montfort Charles of Blois Chivalry and Honor SCA Re-enactment video And more... Get your free audio book from at: Download the MP3 and listen to it on your favorite MP3 player. Subscribe to the feed so you do not miss a single episode. iTunes | Stitcher Radio | Download MP3 | RSS Feed The music was provided by Tim Rayburn. It is available at