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Feb 23, 2015

Three years ago archaeologists began a dig to discover the lost remains of King Richard III. Unbelievably they found his remains the very first day! It took over a week of careful excavation to uncover and exhume his bones. The bones were sent to the University of Leicester for analysis. After months of testing and DNA analysis the University confirmed on 04 February 2013 that the remains found in the Leicester car park were indeed Richard III. The discovery brought up another battle...where to bury, or re-bury the King. Leicester was the obvious choice, but some wanted him buried in Westminster Abbey next to other Kings and others wanted him taken to York for burial. In the end, and after a long court battle, a judge decided Leicester was the final resting place. This March, King Richard III will be officially re-interred in the Leicester Cathedral. Joining us on the podcast today is the Very Revd David Monteith, the Dean of Leicester Cathedral. He talks about the history of the cathedral and the upcoming re-interment of King Richard III. If you are enjoying the podcast please considering leaving a rating on iTunes. Rate the Medieval Archives Podcast now! Listen to the episode now In this episode we discuss: The History of Leicester Cathedral King Richard III Re-interment Dean David's role as head of the Leicester Cathedral And more... Get your free audio book from at: Download the MP3 and listen to it on your favorite MP3 player. Subscribe to the feed so you do not miss a single episode. iTunes | Stitcher Radio | Download MP3 | RSS Feed The music is provided by Tim Rayburn. It is available at