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Sep 11, 2013

Listen to the episode now People in the Middle Ages had their share of diseases. But unlike today they didn't have vaccinations or antibiotics to help them out. Today we are going to look at medieval diseases and the cures that did or in most cases did not work. We'll see if getting sick in the middle ages meant certain death. We'll also look at some cures for everyday occurrences like nasal congestion and baldness. Please send any comments, suggestions or topic ideas to If you are enjoying the podcast please considering leaving a rating on iTunes. Rate the Medieval Archives Podcast now! In this episode we discuss: A disease that can live in your body for 20 years and is still around today! Effects of eating poisonous fungi "THE" disease of the Middle Ages! Medieval cure for baldness Bloodletting And more... Get your free audio book from at: Download the MP3 and listen to it on your favorite MP3 player. Subscribe to the feed so you do not miss a single episode. iTunes | Stitcher Radio | Download MP3 | RSS Feed The music was provided by Tim Rayburn. It is available at