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Oct 3, 2013

October is a battle weary month in the Middle Ages with no fewer than six major battles! This month we are going to discuss a couple of the battles. In this episode we are going to look at the Battle of Tours in 732. The Battle of Tours pitted the Frankish Christian army led by Charles Martel against the Muslim army led by Adbul Rahman. It was a battle that would define the future of Europe. Charles Martel, the 'Defender of the Christain Faith,' the father of the Carolingian Empire, can he defeat a vastly superior Saracen army? Find out in this episode! Please send any comments, suggestions or topic ideas to If you are enjoying the podcast please considering leaving a rating on iTunes. Rate the Medieval Archives Podcast now! Listen to the episode now In this episode we discuss: Muslim Invasion of Gaul Abdul Rahman Al Gahfiqi Charles Martel Battle of Toulouse Battle of Tours And more... Get your free audio book from at: Download the MP3 and listen to it on your favorite MP3 player. Subscribe to the feed so you do not miss a single episode. iTunes | Stitcher Radio | Download MP3 | RSS Feed The music was provided by Tim Rayburn. It is available at