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Sep 29, 2014

Jan Hus was a Czech or more accurately for his time, a Bohemian priest, philosopher and religious reformer who shock up the catholic church in the 15th century. We'll look at his life, his ideas about religion and the catholic church and the wars fought in his name. I have shelves and shelves of medieval history books...

Sep 22, 2014

We discuss the latest news regarding the VIKINGS TV sereis and the new cast members. THen we look at the life of Viking King of England Sven Forkbread

Sep 16, 2014

Few authors can capture the atmosphere of the middle ages as well as Bernard Cornwell. A master storyteller Bernard has written over 50 books! I first discovered Bernard Cornwell in the early 2000s when I was browsing at a local bookstore. A book titled The Archer's Tale caught my attention and the main character was...